About Heard Phillips

We are a specialist advisory firm providing corporate insolvency, restructuring and forensic accounting services.

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  • Debt Collection, Setting Aside Pre-Liquidation Transactions and Safe Harbour

    Dec 2018

    There is little point making a sale if you can’t collect the sales proceeds, and therefore it is vital to have an effective credit management methodology that permeates through all phases of the sales cycle. This methodology extends through new client acquisition, ongoing client relationship management and ultimately debt collection.

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  • 1-Year Bankruptcy, Why Businesses Fail, Negotiating Payment Plans and Phoenix Law Reform

    Sep 2018

    The Bankruptcy Amendment (Enterprise Incentives) Bill 2017 came before the Senate in late August 2018 and the legislation is now a step closer to becoming effective law.

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  • Announcement of Two Key Promotions

    Jul 2018

    The Directors of Heard Phillips are delighted to announce the promotion of Alberto Comin to Associate Director and Chris Moody to Manager effective from 1 July.

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  • NOCLAR, Single Touch Payroll, Illegal Phoenixes, Contracts and Super Amnesty

    Jun 2018

    NOCLAR is the widely used abbreviation referring to non-compliance with laws and regulations.

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